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. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper reports now live from the philippines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper reporting tonight from tacloban in the philippines. it is thursday morning here, 9:00 a.m. and a new day has begun. in the last several hours there have been some significant developments to tell you about. yesterday i talked to the marine brigadier general paul kennedy who promised he would be able to get this airport, the runway, up and running on a 24-hour basis. he's fulfilled that promise along with air force personnel who were here on the ground last night for the first time aircraft were coming in during the nighttime hours, able to land and offload supplies. we have actually seen an uptick in aid along the side of the runway from usaid, from the malaysian government, from other places. food aid medical supplies, and tarps that people can use for shelter. the problem is getting it out from here at the airport to the surrounding communities that are in such desperate need. and it's not just a question of communities far away. i'm talking about comm
for coming to be here. that's all for us tonight. that's all for us tonight. "ac360 later" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome to "ac360 later." oprah winfrey says that president obama is being disrespected because of the color of his skin. agree or disagree? we'll take her up on that. and the cheney family feud over same-sex marriage and alec baldwin's eruption. we start with toronto's crack smoking mayor, rob ford. tonight another day of antics including storming through the city council chamber, the council stripped him of most of his powers this afternoon. he calls it a coupe dethat. here's the answer he got. >> no, no, i didn't say that. you're wrong. you're wrong. they said do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict? >> no. have i? yes, i have. so that's -- i didn't lie. i don't smoke crack. i haven't smoked crack in over a year. >> that's semantics. >> joining us tonight, andrew sullivan. anna th anna navarro. and robin, the rob ford we saw in that interview is that the rob ford you know so well? >> you are getting a chance to see vintage rob ford.
have done, whether he would have gotten us out or in deeper. >> i've got to leave it there. best of luck on the next project. anderson cooper reports live from the phillipines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper live from tacloban airport in the philippines where five days after typhoon haiyan desperation has set in there is little food, little water, and many, many people in need. many people are trying to get out of here, out of the airport. there are scenes of people lining up all around me. they've been lining up here all night long. they just wait at the airport. they frankly have nowhere else to go. because out there on the other side of the camera is what remains of tacloban and it is not a pretty sight. dead bodies laying out near the wreckage of people's homes. people sleeping out in the streets with little food, little water, and few answers, frankly, about the relief effort. we're going to try to get answers over the course of the next hour. i just want to bring you up to date on all we have seen in the last 24 hours. >> it's been five days since supertyph
. >> joining us tonight, andrew sullivan. anna navarro. and robin, the rob ford we saw in that interview is that the rob ford you know so well? >> you are getting a chance to see vintage rob ford. after he was elected mayor he calmed down. his temper was even keel and in contrast to his ten years as a counsellor. >> how did you find him this week? the fact he is arguing it is just semantics. no reporter asked me the right question. >> typical media, you guys with your questions there. but to your point, i always used to brag i saw guns and roses play and now i've seen rob ford live. when you see his mood swings in person it's a staggering thing. that talking point about i never lied about it, he was ready to jump on that. he had misheard my question which was doesn't smoking crack in the first place indicate a huge lack in judgment when you are the leader of a city? but he -- it's this mixture of entitlement and a sense that everyone else is a hypocrite because everyone's getting hammered and i'm just a man of the people. we all have feet of clay. it was fascinating. >> i can throw sever
blocks -- >> you look suspicious. >> you keep look back at us. >> you always looking crazy. >> cause you -- listen to me. our job is to look for suspicious behavior when you look at us like that -- >> i got stopped two blocks away. >> because you keep doing that -- when you are walking the block and looking back at us -- >> i had my hoodie. >> it was cold. you was going to smack me? you asked me -- >> you who talking to? >> why you -- come on why you touching me for? >> the documentary is available by the way through the nation magazine. when you hear that what does it make you think about stop and frisk? >> i think it -- a clear explanation of what happens in a stop and frisk. i think a lot of people are under the illusion that is it more friendly that is it, that it's not as invasive, that it doesn't have the potential to turn as violent as it often does according to some of the people who have been stopped and frisked. i think what we run to risk of doing is divesting these people of their basic humanity and stripping them against their fourth amendment rights. you can be both -- the
he was first introduced, everything went fine and dandy but the previous head trainer used techniques that involved punishment. he would team a trained orca with tilikum who was untrained and send them to do the same behavior. if tilikum didn't do it, both animals were punished. deprived of food. this caused a lot of frustration with the larger animal, established animal and would in turn get frustrated with tilikum and rake him with his teeth. >> there would be times during certain seasons that tilikum would be covered head to toe with rakes. rakes are teeth on teeth and raking the skin and from head to the you could see blood and scratches and he would be raked up. >> both females would gang up on him. tilikum was the one we trusted. we never were concerned about tilikum. the issue really was we stored these whales at night in what we called a module. which was 20 feet deep across and probably 30 feet deep. as a safety precaution because we were worried about people cutting the net and letting them go and no lights out. so there is no stimulation, just in a dark metal 20 foot by 30
for us tonight, though. though. "ac 360 later" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> evening, everyone. welcome to "ac 360 later." tonight vice president hillary clinton or how about vice president candidate chris christie. how the oibz campaign considered the first and why the romney campaign considered and rejected the second. two of the inside details coming out from the tell all authors of "game change." a sequel "double down" is not out until next week. we're getting early details that will have a lot of people talking. here to taw tonight, andrew sullivan of the dish. amy holmes anchor of the hot list and the senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin, former republican congressman rick lazio. i want to start with john martin of the "new york times" who broke the details. really fascinating details. talk about how the obama white house considered hillary clinton what they did about it. >> sure. this is the end of 2011. president obama's numbers were really bad at that point there. were a handful of his top aides trying to figure out a way forwa
's all for us tonight. "ac 360 later" starts right now. >>> hey, everyone. welcome to "ac 360 later." tonight politics, pot and politics. crack and politics. it's that kind of show tonight. we start, though, with presidential politics. newly re-elected new jersey governor chris christie winning big enough at the polls and speaking big enough in his acceptance speech last night to make him gop star of the moment. tonight how well he stands up to scrutiny. joining the conversation blogger andrew sullivan, chief international correspondent christiane amanpour, republican strategist alex castillanos and writer and humorist p.j. o'rourke. his newest book for preorder "the baby boom how it got that way and it wasn't my fault and i'll never do it again." also contributing editor with "the weekly standard." thanks for joining us. what do you make of chris christie? >> i think he's great. i'm a republican. and his is a return to republican common sense. and art of the possible as we always say about politics. and he understands that. i mean he's maybe a little more liberal than i am, or mayb
very much. that's it for us here in tacloban. >>> "outfront" next, president versus president. even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment. >> bill clinton's strong words for president obama. >>> plus should you be on anti-cholesterol pills? >> some of these side effects are pretty significant. >> researchers say millions who aren't on the drugs should be. but are they really safe? >> and from bad to worse. >> we don't have homes, we lost our homes. and we have nothing to eat. we really need help now. >> the latest from the phillipines. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, one president stands up to another. former president bill clinton taking on president obama's misleading promise about americans keeping their health care plans under obama care. here's what the president said. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> let them keep what they got. president
attempt to save the president. that's all for us tonight. that's all for us tonight. "ac 360 later" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome to "ac 360 later." later tonight, john f. kennedy's legacy still being felt 50 years after his death in dallas. also president george w. bush's legacy and -- how a president's post white house persona can change from their time in office. we'll hear from the congressman who just pleaded guilty to cocaine possession. we anticipate a press conference happening within this hour. we'll bring that to you if it happens. later one reason why selfy is the word of the moment and the year, dr. ruth westheimer joins us. >>> we begin with jfk and president obama's tribute to him tonight. >> it's a truth that resonated with president kennedy when he said, "i am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we will be remembered not for our victories or defeats in battle or in politics but for our contribution to the human spirit." and that unbending belief that the power to make great a nation is found in its peopl
ago the president again defended his reforms. >> insurers in the marketplace can no longer use your medical history to charge you more. if you've got a pre-existing condition, they've got to take you. folks who have been sick have finally the same chance to buy quality, affordable health care as everybody else. >> yet, as first reported on china today, obama care officials expressed concern. now here's the op ed. and the headline here is you also can't keep your doctor, what everybody is talking about today is this. it's a bombshell op ed written by a stage four cancer survivor who says obama care is ending her medical care. the left and the right are banging this op ed around like a pinata. it goes to the core of the entire debate in america. but first we begin with our tom foreman out front with the story. >> reporter: in the battle over health care reform, edie has a story to be reckoned with. in 2007 she received terrible news as described in a series of inspirational online videos. >> i was filled with cancer, not just a little but a lot. and the prognosis was very serious. >>
on the international community for help. the u.s. military has now taken control of the airport in tacloban and flying in badly needed supplies. >> it is almost the end of the world. our goal is i must go out of this city. >> days after what's likely the strongest storm in recorded history, its full impact just starting to be discovered. you saw paula hancock in some of that piece. she has been doing remarkable reporting in the that's three, now into the fourth day. she joins us live in tacloban. what is the situation on tuesday compared to what you have seen, say, yesterday. >> well, anderson, yesterday, i was thinking that the relief effort was picking up pace. the u.s. marines arrived and more helicopters and planes arriving. but this morning there is very little arriving here because of the bad weather. we had torrential rain here which is just horrific for those who don't have homes. people are sleeping out in the open and many people still don't have food and water. so it is a very desperate situation. there is a bottleneck here at the airport which often does happen in these situations. you can
used this school as a shelter from the storm, but the water engulfed it. this resident says a lot of children died in here, only a few managed to survive. no one knows how many lost their lives. down the road, a public well is being put to use. >> right now we don't have enough water, even though we are not sure that it is clean and safe, we still drink for it because we need to survive. >> reporter: we see two trucks in two hours making their very slow way into the city at the heart of desperation. many survivors we did speak to are asking us why the bodies weren't being removed. they said they have daily reminders of the hell they've been through already. they don't need to see the bodies in the area where they are trying to live. >> paula, thank you very much. incredibly powerful to see that. as you see those bodies and that woman there. i mean, it seems to say it all. we're drinking the water because it's all we have. even though you know with all those bodies they could be risking their lives in doing so. >>> our second story "outfront" is to look at super typhoon haiyan's de
could have supported, the answer is yes for republicans, mobilize your base but still show us you can lead and be optimistic and take the country somewhere. >> cnn insiders will see that you are wearing a bunny tie. but we can't reference that. we are waiting for chris christie to give his speech. we believe it's going to occur any minute now. we'll of course bring that to you when he does. what do you make of chris christie's victory? a huge victory, a landslide for him. >> well, from an international perspective i can tell you that there is a massive and mass scratching of heads as people out there look at what's going on in the united states. i don't think they see this particular election as transformative because they're looking at mid-terms, looking at presidentials. they want to know who's going to win. but they keep thinking what is going on with the u.s. republican party? and remember that in europe and around the world, even conservative parties are moderate compared to the republican party here. they've been more like blue dog democrats. >> which republican party here? >> p
is in washington for us tonight. dana, i guess the facts are the facts in this case. these numbers are pretty terrible. >> reporter: they are. there's no way to sugar coat it, erin. not even the president's closest allies in capitol hill are trying to do that. it's not just a political blow. it's a problem that could undermine the viability of this new law. as you mentioned, for obama care to work they need many more people enrolled. five times as many as they got last month. it's a major reason that these enrollment problems are causing such a headache for the administration, particularly because it is the web site that is causing the numbers to be so low. and that was a subject of a highly partisan hearing on capitol hill today. a month and a half after its troubled launch, the health care web site is still running at barely half its intended capacity. that from the white house's lead tech official. >> we have much work still to do but are making progress at a growing rate. >> reporter: todd park forced to step by gop subpoena said he cannot guarantee the web site will be fully functional b
>>> that's it for us. tonight is nuclear energy good for the planet? robert kennedy jr., the man who made pandora's promise. ac 360 later starts now. >>> good evening, everyone. election night 2013. the picture tells a story. just moments ago jubilation began breaking out at the headquarters for terry mcauliffe. the race was too close to call until now we can now call it. let's go straight to wolfe blitzer. wolf? >> mcauliffe has been elected the next governor. he has been collected. ken cuccinelli will lose. right now terry mcauliffe. is the winner. the next governor of virginia. in new jersey the republican chris christie. we projected awhile ago. he will be re-elected to a second term. very, very easily. then in new york, bill de blasio. next mayor of new york. first time a democratic mayor in two decades. that was the closest of these three major contests tonight on election night here in the united states. but terry mccauliffe, he did it. but in the end he wins. >> he eked it out. this will be so close because virginia has become such an important state in our national polit
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)